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Autosat 3

Your fleet under full control

Autosat 3 system is variant dedicated to customers who value, above all, independence and maximum data control. Software is available in single or multi-seat versions, it uses precise maps of the world, including Google Maps and Here. Customizable reports, charts and their export to Excel allow driver’s settle of salary, working time, and vehicles from fuel consumption, mileage and driving economy. Autosat 3 is fully integrated with Atrom Mobilne Biuro, communication with the driver and file transfer. All you need to use Autosat 3 is a PC with Microsoft Windows from version 7 or higher and free Microsoft SQL Express components. System allows you to have your own server based on Atrom GPRS Server 3 or data replication directly from the Atrom server.

System abilities

Check what Autosat 3 can do

Document record

  • CMR
  • Fuel invoices
  • Insurance
  • Record keeping of photos sent by driver
  • Photo of damaged good
  • Photo of damaged vehicle

Import DDD files

  • Import records from card
  • Possibility of automation
  • Imported data is included in reports
  • Data archiving

Driver's settlement card

  • Accounting for the driver from the traveled route
  • Route report
  • Record keeping of settlement cards sent by driver
  • Information about driver expenses


  • Extended list of objects
  • Map with vehicle's position as attachment
  • Message forwarding
  • E-mail address
  • GSM number
  • Archives

Driver’s working time control

  • Report based on ddd and k-line files
  • Marking offenses
  • View of events selected day


  • Driver’s working time preview
  • Information filters
  • Position on the map


  • View of driver's working time alongside with each point of route
  • Sending route marked by dispatcher to Atrom Mobilne Biuro

New reports

  • Border crossing
  • List of inputs / outputs activation
  • Temperature
  • Daily-activity
  • Drivers
  • Working time control
  • Fuel level control


  • Alarms
  • Message statuses: new, unread, and unsent
  • Exceeding certain level of fuel in tank
  • New document

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