GPS monitoring for health services

Your fleet in a race for time

When someone's safety, life or health is at stake, there is no room for mistakes, communication problems and failures. That's why we have created a practical telematics system: remote GPS monitoring for health and safety services. It allows you to manage the operation of a fleet of vehicles and drivers via an application on a computer or tablet. You locate and identify the driver in a second. You have a real-time view of the situation – and you always know exactly where the car is and what is happening to it. You receive information about the operating parameters of vehicles, including remote monitoring of fuel consumption. You check their technical condition on an ongoing basis and if something worries you, you react.

Our GPS monitoring for healthcare is a modular solution - we attach additional devices and software to the locator. For this industry we recommend:

  • GPS monitoring of vehicles,
  • CAN bus reading,
  • driver identification.

On what
are we focusing?

Control of refueling and fuel consumption

Settlement of private/business driving

Email and SMS notifications

Communication with the driver

Route optimization

Control of operational parameters


Suggested set of devices

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