TACHO Reader

Remote DDD file transfer

TACHO Reader increases speed of document transfer within organization, and spares necessity for vehicle to arrive, by reading contents of tachograph. It allows remote download of driver activity data stored in internal tachograph memory, or on driver cards. With Tacho Reading Room data on vehicles in tachographs will automatically appear on your organization’s computers , and driver billing will only be a formality. With TACHO Reader, you will simultaneously save time and money! Find out how you can easily and efficiently clear driver account and complete formalities required by Road Transport Inspection.

  • Remote reading of data from the tachograph via the CAN interface
  • Driver card readout in slot 1 and 2
  • Reading information from the K-Line bus
  • Data transfer to any GPS recorder


Supply voltage 10,5 – 30V
Current max 100mA
Overcurrent protection 5A
Alternative power supply (3V3)
Port RS-232 #v# UART RX and TX lines, voltage on lines – 3,3V/0V, speed 57600bps, 8b data, no parity, 1b stop
Port CAN (used alternately with or without galvanic separation) CANH and CANL lines, 250kbps, 125kbps, 500kbps, interface compatible with ISO/FDIS16844
Input interface K-LINE galvanic optoisolation, input voltage 11V/0V, speed 1200bps or 9600bps, 8b data, no parity, 2b stop

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