Alcohol lock

You drank - you won't go


Description of the device

An alcohol interlock is a device that prevents people from driving under the influence of alcohol. The system will enable the vehicle to be started when the driver introduces an air sample with zero alcohol content. Otherwise, the breathalyzer circuit will remain blocked and the vehicle will not be able to start.


Breathalyzer functionalities

The alcohol interlock is equipped with a platinum electrochemical sensor and a heater, which allows for short preparation time and accurate measurement at any time of the year. The device has a built-in data memory storing up to 65,000 events.

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  • 01

    Easy to use

  • 02

    Very quick to use

  • 03

    Ensures measurement reliability

  • 04

    Possibility to set the menu language

  • 05

    LCD display

  • 06

    Hypoallergenic mouthpieces

  • 07

    Polycarbonate housing


Technical data of the Breathalyzer

Catalog card
Technical data of the Breathalyzer
Specification Value
Sensor type platinum electrochemical
Ambient operating temperature [°C] from -45 to +85
Input voltage [V] from 6V to 36V
Display LCD backlit
Warm-up time (at 20 °C)[s] approx. 4 seconds
Analysis time in the absence of alcohol [s] approx. 5 seconds
Internal storage 65,000 events
Housing material polycarbonate
Type of mouthpiece hypoallergenic
Calibration period 12 months
Handset dimensions [mm] 156 x 71 x 35
Handset weight [g] 150

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