SIN – receiver

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SIN – receiver

The Trailer Identification System consists of two cooperating elements: a transmitter installed on the trailer and a receiver located in the tractor cab. Identification is carried out by radio with synchronization of transmission via the CAN bus or electrical connection to the brake light voltage cable.

SIN – receiver

Functionalities of the SIN receiver

After connecting the semi-trailer, the set is paired, which the user of AUTOSATNET and AUTOSAT 3 immediately learns about. The ready tractor-semi-trailer set can go on the road, and SIN with it. The system will provide information on where the trailer is located, whether and to what tractor it is connected, locate pin points, and allow you to control the route of the trailer.

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  • 01

    Trailer position monitoring

  • 02

    Pairing of tractor-trailer sets

  • 03

    Records of pins

  • 04

    Trailer mileage control


Technical data of the SIN receiver

Technical data of the SIN receiver
Specification Value
Supply voltage 10.5V-30V
Power consumption max 100mA
Current protection 5A
Alternative power source YES (3v3)
RS-232 3V3 port UART RX and TX lines, voltage on the lines 3.3V/0V
CAN adapter connector RXCAN and TXCAN lines (voltage 3.3V/0V), VCC (3.3V) and GND lines, protocol compliant with ISO 11898
Stop light identification connector galvanic opto-isolation, input voltage 30V/0V
Working frequency 868MHz
Type of modulation FSK

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