Pressure probe

Adapted to every tank


Precise measurement

Designed to measure the fuel level in the tanks of motor vehicles, working machines and locomotives. The probes are approved by the Ministry of Transport. The probe consists of two parts: sensor - placed in a steel pipe, electronic - placed in an aluminum housing. The measuring element is a piezoelectric sensor separated from the medium by a separating membrane.

Pressure probe

Pressure probe functionalities

Resistant to contaminated fuel, allows measurement of various media. The probe is mounted in the center of the tank by default, after optional modification it can be mounted anywhere in the tank without increasing the measurement error.

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    Precise measurement

  • 02

    High reliability

  • 03

    Dedicated to tanks with irregular shapes

  • 04

    Housing made of steel and aluminum alloys


Technical data of the pressure probe

Product card
Technical data of the pressure probe
Specification Value
Measurement range 0 ÷ 8000 mm
The length of the tube in the tank 800mm
Permissible overload ≤.100 kPa
Fundamental error ≤, 0.16 %
Hysteresis, repeatability ≤, 0.05 %
Long-term stability ≤, 0.1 % for two years
Operating temperature range -25 ÷80 °C
Compensation temperature range -25 ÷40 °C
Output signal 100 ÷ 3800 bits
Power supply 12 ÷ 36 V DC

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