Ultrasonic probe



Precise measurement

The ultrasonic probe is used to measure the fuel level in the tanks of diesel-powered vehicles and machines. It is used in fuel consumption monitoring systems. It is very easy to use and safe to use. For measurement, the probe uses the properties of ultrasound by emitting an ultrasonic wave into the tank and then receiving an echo signal.

Ultrasonic probe

Ultrasonic probe

The electronics housing is made of an aluminum body, additionally covered with a galvanic anti-corrosion coating, ensuring trouble-free operation of the device for a long period of time. The mechanical design of the transducer module ensures automatic cleaning of the probe from deposits, and an additional protective element is the included filter mesh sleeve.

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    Aluminum alloy housing

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    Precise measurement

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    High reliability

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Technical data of the ultrasonic probe

Product card
Technical data of the ultrasonic probe
Specification Value
Maximum measurement range 1500mm
Standard probe length 800mm
Measurement error 1 %
Type of fuel being measured in accordance with PN-EN 590
Output signal RS 485
Length of the connection cable 10 m
Device operating temperature from – 30°C to 50°C
Degree of protection of the housing IP 68
Power consumption 50 mA
Power supply 18 – 30 V / 10 – 18 V DC

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