GPS 5100 TXD

Compact form and easy assembly


Universal solution

It is perfect for passenger cars, buses and machines where installation space is limited. It allows you to connect one peripheral device (e.g. fuel probe, CAN adapter or TACHO reader).

GPS 5100 TXD

GPS 5100 TXD functionalities

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  • 01

    Vehicle location on various maps

  • 02

    Route planning based on Google Traffic

  • 03

    Travel time calculation

  • 04

    Registration of routes traveled

  • 05


  • 06


  • 07

    Event records

  • 08

    Real-time data transfer

  • 09

    Turning the ignition on/off


GPS 5100 TXD technical data

Catalog card
GPS 5100 TXD technical data
Specification Value
Integral energy management
Internal storage 112,000 items
Taking over the operation of the GSM modem
Control using a tablet
Text communication using Atrom Mobile Office
RS-232 3V3 socket 5
Cooperation with the CAN / K – LINE / Tonażer adapter
GPRS transmission
SMS transmission
GPRS class B
Internal battery LI-ION 1.9 Ah
Number of digital inputs (GND signal) 4 (8)
Number of digital inputs (12/24V signal) 1

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