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CAN bus reading

MultiCAN enables recording and decoding transmission frames present on vehicle buses and sending them to the AUTOSATNET and AUTOSAT 3 systems for diagnostic purposes.


Functionalities of the MultiCAN adapter

Registration of such parameters as: working time, odometer reading, engine speed, fuel consumption counter from the flow meter, fuel level from the level indicator, axle load and many others according to the customer's wishes provides even better control of the vehicle's operation.

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  • 02

    Vehicle speed

  • 03

    Engine speed

  • 04

    Odometer reading

  • 05

    Fuel consumption

  • 06

    Fuel level

  • 07

    Retarder activation

  • 08

    Driver's working time

  • 09

    Driver's working mode

  • 10

    Presence of a driver card

  • 11

    Axle load


MultiCAN technical data

Product card
MultiCAN technical data
Specification Value
CAN interfaces 2
RS485 interfaces 1
K-Line interfaces 1
UART interfaces 2
J1939 Protocol
J1587 protocol
Siemens tachograph
Sideridge tachograph
Remote recording of the full transmission
Remote software update

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