A trustworthy cold storage facility

Temperature measurement

A refrigerator thermometer connected to GPS and the company fleet monitoring system, i.e. full control of transport conditions, safety and quality of cargo.

A solution dedicated to the transport of loads sensitive to changes in temperature conditions

The system enables a maximum of 4-point temperature measurement, visualization of the collected data in the monitoring module and in the form of reports and charts. If the set range is exceeded, it informs the user via system alarms and e-mail notifications.


Advantages of our devices

  • Temperature measurement
  • Statistics
  • Reports
  • Charts

Cooperation based on good relationships

Cold storage thermometer connected to GPS

So clever - you control and collect evidence


The obligation to measure the temperature and maintain given conditions in the trailer can be a challenge, especially in summer or when the weather changes quickly. A mistake can cause a disaster and serious losses for the company. That's why we make the task easier for fleet managers and drivers, and we protect companies from unpleasant situations. We have created a modern and practical temperature measurement system using sensor, GPS recorder and vehicle fleet monitoring program. The temperature in the cold room exceeds the set value? The system informs the driver about this and forwarder. Employees managing the fleet remotely control the conditions of cargo transport and, if necessary, react before it is too late - and hours count in the food industry. They also have access to numerous data in the form of summaries and charts that help them plan and optimize orders.

Our electronic thermometers obtain data from up to four selected points - they are available in real time in the Autosatnet and Autosat 3 systems. The program can then be used to generate various documents and evidence in a dispute with a customer or driver. The tool creates practical charts, statistics and periodic reports.

Remote control of conditions in a cold store is only a fraction of the capabilities of modern telematics. Check out other solutions such as trailer monitoring, CAN bus reading or driver identification and expand your company. We invite you!