Settlement of drivers' working time

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An intuitive tool for controlling any fleet

Records kept using proven ATROM solutions. The intuitive user interface allows you to select a package, settlement period and constant access to archived settlements. A dedicated team of professionals provides technical and substantive support. Regardless of the country in which the transport is carried out and the number of drivers in the company, we have a service tailored to your needs.



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Advantages of our devices

  • GPS 7700
    • Vehicle location on various maps
    • Route planning based on Google Traffic
    • Travel time calculation
    • Registration of routes traveled
    • Stops
    • Detentions
    • Event records
    • Real-time data transfer
    • Turning the ignition on/off
  • TACHO reader
    • Reading the driver card located in slot 1 and 2
    • Remote reading of tachograph data via the CAN interface
    • Reading information from the K-line bus
    • Data transfer to any GPS Recorder
  • Ultrasonic probe
    • Aluminum alloy housing
    • Precise measurement
    • High reliability
    • Self-cleaning
  • MULTICAN attachment
    • Ecodriving
    • Vehicle speed
    • Engine speed
    • Odometer reading
    • Fuel consumption
    • Fuel level
    • Retarder activation
    • Driver's working time
    • Driver's working mode
    • Presence of a driver card
    • Axle load
  • AVS + Multiscanner 3700
    • Taking a sequence of photos of a selected area of the vehicle
    • View from cameras in real time
    • Control of compliance with procedures
    • ATEX compliant certification
  • SIN – receiver
    • Trailer position monitoring
    • Pairing of tractor-trailer sets
    • Records of pins
    • Trailer mileage control
  • Dallas Reader
    • Driver identification
    • Settlement time
    • Business/private driving
    • Reports
  • Thermometers
    • Temperature measurement
    • Statistics
    • Reports
    • Charts
  • Breathalyser
    • Easy to use
    • Very quick to use
    • Ensures measurement reliability
    • Possibility to set the menu language
    • LCD display
    • Hypoallergenic mouthpieces
    • Polycarbonate housing
  • ATROM Mobile Office
    • text communication with the driver
    • sending transport orders
    • online road card
    • sending the exact route designated by the dispatcher
    • Sygic navigation
    • file transfer
    • work status

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