GPS 5100 TXD

Economical compact to guard your fleet

Smallest of all trackers in our range of products. Compact device is characterized by durability, reliability, and ease of installation. It is equipped with an assembly support system based on diagnostics of device parameters through LEDs. Product is a response to market demand for a low- priced small dimensions device. It works perfectly with cars, buses, and machines in which space for mounting GPS tracker is limited. GPS5100TXD is equipped with a capacious internal battery, packaged memory and an integral energy management system; it also has two digital inputs and two outputs, and allows connection of one peripheral device (e.g. Probe, CAN adapter or Tacho reader).

  • Vehicle location on several types of maps (Google Maps, Street View, Here)
  • Route planning based on Google Traffic
  • Travel time calculation
  • Tracking of routes traveled
  • Transmission of operational parameters from CAN bus
  • Car ignition switch on/off information
  • Fuel information (refueling, consumption)
  • Driver’s working time
  • Stops
  • Event records
  • Real-time data transfer

Technical parameters

Input voltage 10,5-30V
Current max. 250mA
Current protection 5A
GPRS class B
Internal battery LI-POL 980 mAh
Digital inputs (GND signal) 2
Outputs 2
Driver identification  √
Internal battery voltage control  √
Vehicle battery voltage control  √
Number of connectable thermometers 4
Ability to connect external devices
Fuel probe
Input (0-24V)
Remote re-flash
Internal memory 56 000
RS-232 3V3
Material ABS
Emergency power supply Battery 12 – 24 V
Dimensions 90x63x32 mm

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