GPS 6850 TXD

Solid and resistant

GPS6850TXD tracker is an improved continuation of a long-term vision reliable device. It is a hardware compatible successor to GPS6800TXD model. It stands out from other ATROM trackers with an aluminum housing. It works with basic system components, such as fuel measurement probes, driver IDs, CAN adapters and thermometers. Tracker has a sensor which signals housing opening. It is designed to be used for monitoring of vehicles operating in extreme conditions. Recommended to those who value solidity and durability.

  • Vehicle’s localization on maps (Here, Google Maps, Street View)
  • Route planing with Google Traffic
  • Travel time calculation
  • Route registration
  • Ignition on / off
  • Stop events
  • Halt events
  • Record of events
  • Live data update
  • Case opening sensor


GPRS class B
Digital inputs (GND signal): 4
Digital inputs (12/24 signal) 1
Outputs 4
Driver identification
Passenger identification
Control of vehicle battery voltage
Control of engine revolutions
Cooperation with the tachograph built-in
Number of connectable thermometers 4
Additional counting devices (e.g. poured gas)
Cooperation with a fuel level probe
Analog inputs
Control of oppened case
Control of disconnection of power connectors
Inteligent power management
Internal memory 28 000 positions
External memory
PDA control
PDA navigation
PDA text communication
RS232 3V3 4
RS232 1
Connecting an external microphone and headphones
Material aluminunm
Supply voltage 12 ÷ 24 V
Emergency power supply battery 30h – 48h
Current protection 5A
Dimensions 138x130x29 mm

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