GPS 7300 TXD

Master of satellites

An improved continuation of long-term vision reliable device, by developing it, we emphasize both innovation and practical solutions. All features of previous model are preserved Enriched with a GNSS GLONASS receiver, an economical energy management system, emergency vehicle tracking system, automatic engine start detection, and position detection accelerometer of enhanced sensitivity as an alternative to motion detected through satellite location GPS 7300 TXD has internal memory doubled to 112,000 points. All new features used in new model combined with reliability and durability that our products are known for, make GPS 7300 TXD highly competitive among solutions available on market.

  • Vehicle location on several types of maps (Google Maps, Street View, Here)
  • Route planning based on Google Traffic
  • Travel time calculation
  • Tracking of routes traveled
  • Stops
  • Event records
  • Ewidencja zdarzeń
  • Real-time data transfer
  • Car ignition switch on/off information

Technical parameters

GPRS class B
Internal battery LI-ION 1.9 Ah
Digital inputs (GND) 4 (8)
Digital inputs (12/24V) 1
Outputs 4
Driver identification  √
Internal battery voltage control  √
Economic management of energy  √
Engine speed control  √
Number of connectable thermometers 4
Ability to connect external devices
Fuel probe
Analog inputs (0-10V/(0-24V)
Remote reflash
Integral energy management
Internal memory 112 000 positions
Taking GSM modem
Control using tablet
Text messaging using AMB
RS-232 3V3 5
Automatic detection of stat the vehicle’s engine
The emergency vehicle tracking by BTS
Material ABS
Input voltage 10,5 – 30V
Current max. 250mA
Current sleep 20mA
Emergency power supply Battery 30h – 48h
Current protection 5A
Dimensions 135x94x34

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