GPS 7400 TXD

Perfect GPS combo

Combination of GPS tracker functionality and CAN bus adapters, packed into one housing. Our
durable and reliable combo supports CAN K-Line bus without additional devices. Its purpose is to
provide system user with as much information about activity and operational parameters of vehicle
as possible in a fast and clear way. Intelligent energy management, very large internal memory or
emergency tracking system when GPS signal is lost are just some of added values to comprehensive

  • Vehicle location on various maps (Google Maps, Street View, Here)
  • Route planning based on Google Traffic
  • Travel time calculation
  • Tracking of routes traveled
  • Transmission of operational parameters from CAN bus
  • Fuel information (refueling, consumption)
  • Driver’s working time
  • Fuel information (refueling, consumption)
  • Stops
  • Event records
  • Real-time data transfer

Technical parameters

GPRS class B
Internal battery LI-ION 1.9 Ah
Digital inputs (GND) 4 (8)
Digital inputs (12/24V) 1
Outputs 4
Driver identification  √
Internal battery voltage control  √
Economic management of energy  √
Engine speed control  √
Number of connectable thermometers 4
Ability to connect external devices
Fuel probe
Analog inputs (0-10V/(0-24V)
Remote reflash
Integral energy management
Internal memory 112 000 positions
Taking GSM modem
Control using tablet
Text messaging using AMB
RS-232 3V3 5
Built-in CAN and K-LINE bus support
Automatic detection of stat the vehicle’s engine
The emergency vehicle tracking by BTS
Material ABS
Input voltage 10,5 – 30V
Current max. 250mA
Current sleep 20mA
Emergency power supply Battery 30h – 48h
Current protection 5A
Dimensions 135x94x34

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