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MULTISKANER 3700 ATROM was developed to further extend the functionality of the Emerson logbook. Its unique qualities allow the GPS/GMS system to make the full use of data delivered by the counter. Integrated with GPS/GSM ATROM system it allows for remote automatic download from MULTISKANER 3700 as well as remote configuration of printouts. Dedicated app TESTER MULTISKANER 3700 allows you to change the configuration of the device and to download data. MULTISKANER 3700 is capable of working with any GPS/GSM system by means of CONVERT 3700 module which acts as a link between MULTISKANER 3700 developed by ATROM and GPS/GSM systems created by other companies.

  • Compatible with and extends Emerson logbook features
  • Creates chronological list of logs from records and printouts
  • 10 000 records log memory capacity
  • Printer support
  • Print editing
  • Print button with ready light
  • OBC and technical support links
  • GPS/GSM ATROM system compatibility which enables remote log moving and configuration
  • Compatible with any GPS/GSM system through CONVERT 3700 device
  • Device configuration and log reading greatly facilitated by the software


Input voltage 10,5-30V
Power consumption 150mA
Overcurrent protection 5A
Back-up power source
Printer support
OBC link
Print button with ”ready” indicator
RS-232 3V3 port 1
RS-232 port with galvanic isolator 3
RS-485 port z with galvanic isolator 3
Optical isolator inputs (5-30V) 2
Open collector type inputs 2
Internal memory 10000 saves

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