Full control of your sales representatives

Solution is addressed to companies with a fleet of passenger vehicles. Assumption is to optimize and streamline tasks carried out by employees, discipline their work and monitor current implementation of tasks. Implementation of system reduces number of kilometers unnecessarily traveled and eliminates  unwarrantedstops. Work efficiency significantly increases, while fuel consumption decreases.

System allows monitoring progress of tasks currently being carried out by a sales representative, his/her real-time position and clients visited by them. It allows to generate reports which are important for a person responsible for supervising employee travel, such as time and speed of travel, travelled route, refueling, fuel consumption and stops. It separates business and private travels. Compatible with ATROM Mobile Office system, providing two-way communication between logistic department employee and driver.

Separation of private / business travel

Route optimization

Control of refueling and fuel consumption

E-mail and SMS notifications

Communication with driver

Control of operating parameters

Suggested set of devices

To take full advantage of our system

GPS Tracker

GPS 7300 TXD

CAN Adapter


Driver Identification

Driver Identification