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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password: What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please contact our Support Team: +48 62 7384288 or

How to share vehicle position with another individual?

In your Autosatnet account go to Register / Users, then select New if you want to add a new user, or Edit to edit an existing one. In System Data section select User Type and then in Vehicles tab move selected vehicle from Available Vehicles section to Assigned Vehicles. When creating a new user, make sure that a login and password have been assigned and user has Active status. Confirm with Accept button.

How to share vehicle location with external companies?

In your Autosatnet account, select Share data selection window will open. After selecting organization, select vehicles by moving from Available vehicles section to Assigned vehicles. Set Password and Expiration Date. Select Share.

I don’t see vehicle in monitoring. (not selected for monitoring)

In your Autosatnet account in Monitoring tab, click Select vehicles to monitor (top left corner of screen) and move vehicle from Hidden vehicles section to Visible vehicles.

How to export / print report?

In each report in top right corner you will find following icons: Export report to PDF / Export report to Excel (please ensure that browser does not block pop-up windows); such a report can then be printed.

How to display events on route / in route report?

After loading route, you will find Events icon above map, in which you must select events to be displayed. After clicking Show event tables, selected events will be displayed in form of table.

How to download files from tacho reader?

One of your organization’s computers must have TACHO-Client software installed, connected organization card reader and organization card inserted in reader (chip up).
Go to Communication -> Download tacho data and add a new order. In new order, you must specify whether data should be read from tachograph (also specify for what period) or from driver card (driver card must be inserted in tachograph). In Vehicles tab, select vehicle from list and click Accept. Order will appear on list, in which status will change after clicking Refresh button. When status changes to Download file in Data download tab, you will be able to track its progress. When download is complete, you can to save downloaded file onto your computer (click floppy disk icon).

How to change map layer?

There are icons in bottom right corner of screen: click Change map and choose map to display.

How do I get remote assistance?

You must have AnyDesk installed and turned on and contact Technical Support (email / phone).

AnyDesk you can download here: AnyDesk

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