One adapter – many possibilities

MULTICAN enables recording and decoding data form vehicle’s buses and sending them to AUTOSATNET and AUTOSAT 3 systems for diagnostic purposes. Records parameters such as: working time, odometer reading, engine revs, fuel consumption from flow meter, fuel level from level gauge, axle load and many others customized by user.

  • Driver’s working time
  • Vehicle speed
  • Odometer reading
  • Engine revolutions
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel level
  • Axle load


Technical specification
CAN interfaces 2
RS485 interfaces 1
K-Line interfaces 1
UART interfaces 2
J1939 protocol
J1587 protocol
Siemens Tacho
Stroneridge Tacho
Remote registration of full transmission
Remote software updates


Possible data to be downloaded by the adapter
Vehicle speed
Engine revolutions
Mileage counter
Fuel use counter
Fuel level
Driver card
Driver work mode
Axle load
Trailer axle load
Driver identification 1
Driver identification 2
Engine oil temperature
Engine oil level
Engine oil pressure
Temperature of radiator fluid
Level of radiator fluid
Pressure of radiator fluid
Fuel temperature
Nacisk na pedał gazu
Pressure on the accelerator pedal
Retarder connection
Engaged gear
Atmosphere pressure
Outside temperature
Thickness of the friction linings
Tires pressure

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