Send data with us to SENT – GEO

With regard to amendment to provisions on monitoring of transport, we would like to inform that our system is fully integrated with SENT-GEO service. We are registered on platform as an operator of external location system (ZSL). Our GPS trackers have technical numbers enabling their registration as part of ZSL service. Autosatnet allows user to manage vehicles to which access is allowed in SENT GEO system.

  • Records of vehicles accessible in SENT GEO system, technical numbers of GPS devices and SENT business numbers
  • Preview of data sent to SENT GEO module from monitoring level and SENT GEO Records
  • Atrom has possibility to register technical identifiers of GPS devices for carrier
  • Technical support in scope of registration, preview, and editing of GPS devices on platform
  • Simple command setting for sending location data to SENT GEO

Suggested set of devices

To take full advantage of our system

GPS Tracker

GPS 7300 TXD

Adapter CAN