e-TOLL is a new, automated method for calculating electronic tolls in the toll road network managed by the General Administration of National Roads and Motorways, supervised by the Head of the National Tax Administration. As pioneers in the industry of GPS monitoring and telematics solutions, we have created external and on-board location systems for each industry, thanks to which it is possible to automatically pay the amounts required on toll sections of national roads and highways. At ATROM we use technology to determine the user's position using satellite positioning - thanks to this we can improve your business and automate logistics and transport processes! Our devices are fully compatible with the e-TOLL service! Check what it looks like in practice!

How to pay for highway tolls? e-TOLL: how does it work?

The e-TOLL system, also known as the electronic toll collection system, is a modern solution used throughout Poland. e-TOLL was created to enable the calculation of an electronic toll for traveling on a specific road section, without having to stop at the gates. The user, using the appropriate device installed in the vehicle, is automatically identified by the system, and the fee is charged from the previously created account.

The system is based on satellite positioning technology using virtual gantries. In the first stage, e-TOLL is intended for vehicles with a permissible total weight above 3.5 t.

Data about the vehicle's location can be transmitted via two types of devices available in the ATROM offer:
ZSL – External Location Systems,
OBU - On Board Unit.


ATROM – devices supporting the e-TOLL service

Using our External Location System or On-Board Unit, i.e. an on-board device, is a professional approach to business. At ATROM, we focus on modern technological solutions that work with, among others: with e-TOLL. We know that the company's success lies in well-thought-out solutions tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and employees. Our offer includes a number of devices supporting the e-TOLL service, such as:

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  • GPS 5100 TXD

  • GPS 6850 TXD

  • GPS 7700 TXD


External Location System offering:

  • access to the Autosatnet platform
  • e-TOLL, SENT support
  • possibility of connecting additional system elements
  • subscription or lease
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On-Board Unit – on-board device enabling:

  • access to the Autosat MINI platform
  • e-TOLL support
  • using a pre-paid service
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How to register in the e-TOLL system?

Registration in the e-TOLL system is a process that can be completed online. Just visit official website of the e-TOLL system. You then need to complete the form and provide your personal details such as name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number. After completing this information, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your registration.

An important step in the registration process is the acceptance of the e-TOLL system regulations. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before committing. After accepting the regulations, you will be able to proceed to the next stage, which is adding your vehicle to the system. Provide the vehicle's registration number and information about its type and class. After that, you need to add the device (identified by the business number - assigned during registration in Autosatnet). The last step is to enable the service in Autosatnet.

e-TOLL – where is it valid?

Without a doubt, the e-TOLL system is an integral element of modern road infrastructure. Knowledge of its operation and rules is crucial for all road users. Electronic toll calculation using satellite positioning using our location systems works on all national roads, motorways and other toll roads for trucks and all vehicles over 3.5 tons.

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e-TOLL – advantages

The e-TOLL system brings many benefits that make drivers' lives much easier. First of all, it eliminates the need to stop at toll gates, which translates into saving time and fuel. Additionally, thanks to this solution, it is possible to avoid traffic jams that often occur at highway toll gates. It is also worth emphasizing that the e-TOLL system is extremely easy to use.

For companies, using the e-TOLL system may bring additional benefits. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to track car routes, which allows for the optimization of fuel costs. In addition, the e-TOLL system enables automatic calculation of tolls, which eliminates the need for manual settlement. As a result, the use of the e-TOLL system translates into increased operational efficiency of companies that use a fleet of vehicles.

e-TOLL fees

Remember that registration in the e-TOLL system is free of charge, but using it involves fees. When using the e-TOLL system, it is important to understand the fee structure and costs associated with it. Tolls for using motorways, expressways and some national roads are calculated automatically, so drivers do not have to stop at toll gates. The costs associated with the e-TOLL system depend on several factors, such as the total vehicle weight, route length and exhaust emission class. Make sure you have enough funds in your e-TOLL account to avoid additional fees or use the deferred payment account option.

To avoid surprises, it is worth using the Vehicle Classifier available on the e-TOLL website. It will allow you to accurately estimate travel costs.

e-TOLL – how to pay overdue fare?

E-toll urządzenie

If the due fee is not paid in the e-TOLL system, the driver may be fined. The amount of the penalty depends on the length of the section during which the debt has not been paid. Additionally, unpaid debts may result in the driver being entered on the list of debtors, which has negative consequences for his creditworthiness. Therefore, it is always worth making sure that fees have been calculated and paid correctly. However, what if for some reason the system did not collect the appropriate amount for the trip? You don't have to worry because you can settle the arrears up to three days back by getting a new ticket, e.g. at a gas station. In addition, you can also use the "Complete trip" option in the e-TOLL Online Customer Account.

e-TOLL – vehicle change

Many people wonder what happens if they change their vehicle. This issue especially applies to companies where fleet turnover is often high. However, this time the e-TOLL system offers a simple solution. The vehicle can be deleted or replaced in the system via the Online Customer Account. After logging in, simply issue an instruction to remove the car from the system. Then add the details of the new car. You can also go to the Customer Service Center and do it in person. A third option is also available, i.e. sending an e-mail form to kontakt@etoll.gov.pl.

e-TOLL for trucks – modern solutions for your business

The process of using the e-TOLL system by truck drivers is simple and intuitive. After registering the vehicle in the system and paying the appropriate rate, the driver receives an ATROM location device that supports the e-TOLL service. Our device records GPS coordinates every 5 seconds and sends this data to the ATROM server, which then sends it to KAS. There, the sent data is analyzed and, if necessary, the passage through the virtual gantry is registered. Thanks to this, drivers do not have to stop at gates, which significantly speeds up their journey and increases transport efficiency.

In practice, the benefits of using the e-TOLL system (GPS) combined with ATROM location devices cannot be overestimated. This system also allows for better cost management. Drivers and transport companies have access to detailed reports on routes traveled and charged fees, which facilitates planning and budget control. Moreover, the e-TOLL system is fully compliant with EU road toll regulations, which eliminates the risk of irregularities and penalties.

Safety and convenience with the e-TOLL system: ATROM

It is worth noting that the e-TOLL system is not only convenient, but also safe. All data is sent encrypted, which ensures protection against unauthorized access. Additionally, the e-TOLL system enables road traffic monitoring, which contributes to improving road safety and controlling the company fleet.

Our vehicle monitoring devices, such as the External Location System and on-board devices, are modern solutions that cooperate with e-TOLL and allow you to take full advantage of the facilities created by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. The ability to use the e-TOLL Online Customer Account and current transfer of location data through our devices means full control of the company's fleet supported by over thirty years of ATROM experience.

E-toll jak działa

The future of the e-TOLL system in Poland

In the context of continuous technology development, the future of the e-TOLL system in Poland is extremely promising. We can expect that with technological progress, this system will become even more effective and convenient for users. The introduction of new functions, such as mobile payments or integration with other transport systems, can significantly facilitate the use of road infrastructure. The yet undefined possibilities offered by the development of technology may bring many surprises and new solutions that will certainly improve the functioning of the e-TOLL system.

The vision of the future of the e-TOLL system in Poland is closely related to the pursuit of creating an intelligent transport system. Such a system, thanks to the use of the latest technologies, could ensure the smoothness of road traffic, increase safety and minimize the negative impact of transport on the environment. In this context, the e-TOLL system, as an integral part of this solution, could contribute to these goals by offering a fast and convenient solution for drivers. All this shows how important it is to continue investing in the development and modernization of the e-TOLL system.