Modern vehicle telematics tools support the work of companies from various industries and business sectors. Check how they will help your company.

Get to know our areas of operation

Our modular vehicle fleet management system combines universal GPS location solutions with extensions that support operations in various industries. From transport and logistics, through gastronomy and tourism, to construction and agriculture or the mining industry - discover the versatility and usefulness of telematics.

Transport and logistics

Optimize routes, control vehicle parameters and always keep an eye on your load (thanks to the "trailer identification"), make sure it's quick driver settlement in the system.


Juggle orders, always deliver them on time, or specify delivery dates more precisely using... GPS vehicle monitoring for route optimization


Your machinery under strict control - install GPS recorders, fuel probes and alcohol blockand nothing will be hidden from you.


Give people joy, grow your company and increase profits thanks to full control over your fleet with ATROM vehicle telematics tools.


Ensure the highest standard of safety and increase work efficiency thanks to full control over working machines and operators.

Courier services

Fast driver identification, preview of vehicle location and route history will allow you to increase the efficiency of couriers.


Protect your machines against abuse - verify their location, operating time and economic efficiency (fuel control), increase the profits of your farm or company.

Health and safety services

People's safety and health require reliable work tools: take care of your company fleet and its good condition by monitoring remotely CAN bus reading vehicle.

Fuel transport

Control and support the transport of tankers through camera images and a system integrated with counters, which enables convenient online distribution settlement.

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