GPS monitoring in the courier industry

Every parcel in its place

GPS monitoring in the courier industry, it is the heart of a well-oiled mechanism, i.e. efficient organization of suppliers' work. Locator GPS and several useful devices such as a CAN adapter or DALLAS readers, as well as a remote fleet management system with an intuitive application website or mobile – and your company runs like a good Swiss watch. At any time, you can locate a given vehicle and driver, designate or optimize a route. You have insight into the history of each journey and the work of each courier. In addition, you take a closer look at the characteristics of the route: driving style, refueling, fuel consumption and important operating parameters of the car. You motivate your drivers to drive more economically and reduce company costs. You prevent breakdowns and repairs, thus reducing work complications and large expenses.

We adapt the ATROM monitoring system we have created to the needs of given courier companies by selecting its modules and functionalities. Your company will definitely find:

  • GPS location of fleet vehicles,
  • driver identification,
  • CAN bus reading.

On what
are we focusing?

Control of refueling and fuel consumption

Settlement of private/business driving

Email and SMS notifications

Communication with the driver

Route optimization

Control of operational parameters


Suggested set of devices

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