GPS monitoring in the catering industry

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Optimize the delivery service of your specialties - shorten delivery times, eliminate errors and reduce costs with ATROM telematics solutions for gastronomy. Check how GPS monitoring in the catering industry will make your work easier. We install a GPS recorder and additional devices in the delivery vehicle, e.g. a CAN adapter and a DALLAS reader. Thanks to this, you can quickly identify and locate a specific driver or vehicle, check the status of the delivery and plan the next one more precisely. You can also designate the optimal route for the driver to avoid traffic jams. You verify fuel consumption and all the most important operational parameters of cars: you reduce the company's fixed costs, ensure failure-free work tools and more easily manage technical inspections and fleet services.

All information recorded by the GPS locator and additional devices is available in real time in the system; you can also download them in the practical form of statistics, charts and reports. Our fleet management system is modular, which means you select the functionalities that interest you. In the gastronomy industry you will certainly find:

  • fleet vehicle monitoring,
  • CAN bus reading,
  • driver identification.

On what
are we focusing?

Control of refueling and fuel consumption

Settlement of private/business driving

Email and SMS notifications

Communication with the driver

Route optimization

Control of operational parameters


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