GPS monitoring in cargo transport

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Optimize each route to cover it as quickly, most conveniently and cheaply as possible - and you will increase the efficiency of your company and multiply its profits. Take advantage of solutions from ATROM: we have prepared multifunctional GPS monitoring. In cargo transport, it will improve communication with the driver (forwarders' route planning and document circulation) and verification of his work, and will also facilitate settlements. Telematics solutions also provide quick access to information about the load (e.g. weight, number of pallets, temperature in the cold store) and the technical condition of the vehicle (information from the CAN bus). Moreover, through precise fuel measurement and constant monitoring of vehicle operation, they make driving more economical - bringing savings to the company.

Our GPS monitoring vehicles is a modular system that consists of a recorder, additional devices (e.g. sensors and probes) and software. You decide what functionalities to implement in your company. They will be useful:

  • vehicle monitoring system (GPS location),
  • settlement of drivers' working time,
  • measurement of fuel level and consumption,
  • CAN bus reading,
  • trailer identification,
  • temperature measurement in a cold store,
  • ATROM Mobile Office (communication with the driver).

On what
are we focusing?

Control of refueling and fuel consumption

Settlement of private/business driving

Email and SMS notifications

Communication with the driver

Route optimization

Control of operational parameters


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