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Settlement of drivers

A comprehensive tool (hardware + software) for keeping records of drivers' working time - from downloading DDD files to developing ready-made documents covering business trips, working time, deduction of PIT-ZUS contributions, offense reports and settlement of gross remuneration components.

Why bother when you can automate it?

Settlement of drivers' working time

Keeping records of drivers' working time is a legal requirement, the basis of the company's finances and valuable data for its development. It's worth taking care of them, but... you don't necessarily have to spend many hours a month on complex operations and calculations. Take the easier route and Automate the recording of drivers' working time by implementing ATROM telematics tools in your company. GPS recorder, tacho reader, software = ready, transparent and always correct settlements.


Advantages of our devices

  • Reading the driver card located in slot 1 and 2
  • Remote reading of tachograph data via the CAN interface
  • Reading information from the K-line bus
  • Data transfer to any GPS Recorder

Cooperation based on good relationships

Settlement of drivers - full control and order in paperwork


Settlement of drivers' working time: what is this service or system? The first thing is the legally required downloading of DDD files using a tacho reader. Then, based on them and other data, specialists from the settlement department will prepare a ready-made one documentation covering all components of settlements:

  • delegations,
  • records of drivers' working time,
  • deduction of PIT-ZUS contributions,
  • driver offense report,
  • components of gross remuneration.

All you need to do is download the documentation - there is no time-consuming calculation of the driver's working time, deductions and allowances, and the risk of making a mistake and all the related problems is reduced.

Our telematics tools support both billing delegations of company fleet drivers, as well as calculating truck travel time in transport companies. They work well in any organization where a vehicle is at least one of the business tools. What's more, they help you develop, increase profits and ensure a high standard of employment. Automatic settlement of drivers' work is a great convenience for employees of human resources and payroll departments, and at the same time always provides correct, transparent and timely documentation. Therefore, on the one hand, you improve the quality and efficiency of company processes, and on the other, you regain the time, space and potential of employees for the development of the company: instead of devoting them to tedious and monotonous formalities.

See how the service of keeping records of drivers' working time will facilitate the company's work: contact us.