Cargo is always on the forwarder's radar

Trailer identification

A complete system (transmitter, receiver and software) for remote monitoring of trailers - cargo control, without the need to install an additional recorder.

A higher level of logistics for your company

Trailer identification

The safety of transported cargo is a great responsibility and challenge: just as punctuality of deliveries or economic issues of transport play the first fiddle. That's why we have created tools with which you can easily maintain control over the entire process. It's surveillance trailers, thanks to which (from a computer or tablet) you will find out where a given trailer is, which tractor it is traveling with, and also locate the places of pins and view the history of its route. And all this, of course, in real time and on any device (remotely).



Advantages of our devices

  • Trailer position monitoring
  • Pairing of tractor-trailer sets
  • Records of pins
  • Trailer mileage control

Cooperation based on good relationships

It takes two to tango

Trailer identification system


The trailer monitoring system (SIN) consists of three elements:

  • a transmitter located in the tractor cabin,
  • receiver mounted on the trailer,
  • vehicle management system.

You do not need to install an additional recorder. We deliver all system components (we create both devices and their software) and implement them. The transmitter and receiver (semi-trailer and tractor) pair automatically when the semi-trailer is connected (CAN bus and connecting the STOP lights to the voltage cable). From now on all data about the trailer is available in the Autosatnet or Autosat 3 system. This is our proprietary software, to which you can implement many other modules, such as fuel consumption control, CAN bus reading or drivers' working time settlement, to even better control the company's work.

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