From precise vehicle location, driver and trailer identification, through fuel consumption and technical condition control, to constant cab-base communication and facilitating work settlements - see how our telematics tools will develop your company.

We create a system that supports your business

Module-based configuration

The modular structure guarantees that the system can be adapted to any type of vehicle. Check how telematics tools from Atrom can support the development of your company!

GPS monitoring

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Basic functionality of the fleet management system. It allows you to locate vehicles, plan routes and record stops, arrests and road incidents.

Settlement of drivers

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Additional service in the fleet management system. It allows you to download DDD files and settle working time, business trips, PIT-ZUS deductions and driver offenses.

Fuel control

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After installing the appropriate probe or CAN adapter, the system monitors the fuel level and consumption, as well as refueling. Thanks to precise control, you reduce the company's fixed costs.

CAN bus reading

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Fuel, mileage, speed and revs, presence of a driver card, AdBlue or fastened seat belts - all the most important parameters from the vehicle's computer are transferred to the system.

Tanker inspection

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The first complete tank control tool on the market - integration with counters (online distribution settlements) and a vision system, as well as other modules from the offer.

Trailer identification

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All you need is a receiver on the tractor and a transmitter on the trailer to locate the load and learn the history of the pins in a second. Always keep an eye on every freight forwarder's treasure.

Driver identification

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Ensure safety and good organization despite driver turnover by creating employee profiles. Install a GALLA ID or RFID card reader in your vehicles.

Temperature measurement

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Monitor the safety and conditions of cargo transport - connecting temperature sensors in cold stores with the management system. Neither the driver nor you will miss the breakdown.

Mobile office

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Connect driver cabins with the company headquarters - thanks to the ATROM Mobile Office service. With the practical on-board terminal you will ensure the highest level of communication.

Alcohol lock

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Prevent, instead of fighting, the consequences of drivers' wrong decisions. Following the principle "if you drink, don't drive", make sure you have a breathalyzer integrated with the ignition: an alcohol interlock.

Polish manufacturer and Polish product

Production in Poland

All our devices and systems are manufactured in Poland, which is why we have constant control over their quality.

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