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CAN bus reading

Reading the CAN bus - parameters from the vehicle's computer - in the company's fleet management system, i.e. full control over the driver and the technical condition (operation) of the car.

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CAN bus reading: data from the vehicle's computer

The CAN bus in a car is a mine of knowledge about its technical condition, as well as about its parameters and driving style, as well as the fulfillment (or not) of the driver's duties. Allows prevent breakdowns or defects and ensure proper operation, and also optimize the selection of routes and driving parametersto make it more economical. Remote reading of the CAN bus (and data analysis) is enabled by the MULTICAN adapter of our design and production. The device records and decodes CAN bus transmission frames, and then sends the data to our proprietary Autosatnet or Autosat 3 vehicle fleet management system. You can access them in the web application on any computer or tablet (and in real time).


Advantages of our devices

  • Ecodriving
  • Vehicle speed
  • Engine speed
  • Odometer reading
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel level
  • Retarder activation
  • Driver's working time
  • Driver's working mode
  • Presence of a driver card
  • Axle load

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Perfect control over your vehicle data


The CAN bus and our adapter allow us to read different parameters depending on your needs, and the basic ones include:

  • vehicle speed,
  • fuel level and consumption,
  • odometer reading,
  • engine speed,
  • axle load.

By reading the bus CAN, you will also check the presence of a driver's card and his working time, and even fastening seat belts and using AdBlue – that is, you will check how he does his job. Additionally, you keep full control of the vehicle and react when something is wrong, avoiding costly repairs. You can add many other functionalities to this functionality, such as temperature measurement, settlement of drivers' working time or precise fuel level control.

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