A tanker with no secrets

Tanker inspection

We are the first to offer a comprehensive tank control tool, tailored to the needs of the Polish market, meeting the mentality of Polish employees, dedicated to the fuel transport industry.

Comprehensive tanker inspection

Tanker solutions

"Tank Without Secrets" is a complete solution, created in cooperation with the largest carriers in the country. Through integration with tank counters, the system enables online settlement of the entire distribution process. The image from the cameras is a driver control tool. It will allow you to assess compliance with safety procedures, progress and quality of task performance, and monitoring of fuel tanks. Subsequent modules enable driver identification, settlement of his working time, remote reading of data from the tachograph and analysis of tractor parameters.

Our solution is an ideal evidentiary tool in disputes between the supplier and the final customer.

Control the status of bottom valves and API, monitor the quantity and type of product in each tank chamber, check the status of SPDS seals and download a list of events registered by the electronic counter (Logbook)

We support counters: Alfons Haar, Sening, Dezidata, Emerson Micromotion, Sampi.



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Advantages of our devices

  • Taking a sequence of photos of a selected area of the vehicle
  • View from cameras in real time
  • Control of compliance with procedures
  • ATEX compliant certification
  • Cooperation and extension of the functionality of the Emerson counter
  • Creating chronologically arranged logs from events and printouts
  • Log memory of 10,000 events
  • Printer support
  • Editing print content for individual needs
  • Easy device configuration and log reading using software
  • Print button with ready light
  • Connector supporting OBC and service programs
  • Cooperation with the ATROM GPS/GSM system enabling remote log transfer and configuration
  • Cooperation with any GPS/GSM system via the CONVERT 3700 device

Cooperation based on good relationships