The rule is simple: if you have been drinking, you will not go

Alcohol lock

Alcohol interlock in company fleet vehicles, which means, first of all, safety - for drivers and other road users, company cars and property.

So simple and so effective

Alcohol lock for the company fleet

The alcohol interlock is a special breathalyzer synchronized with the vehicle's ignition using drivers and software. The rule is simple and there are no exceptions - if you have been drinking, you won't go. If the equipment detects the presence of alcohol in the exhaled air, it will block the vehicle's engine from starting. The driver will only drive away after blowing a clean sample air. This is a simple solution for any modern company with a fleet of vehicles and drivers or heavy equipment, machines and their operators (e.g. agriculture, construction).


Advantages of our breathalyzer

  • Easy to use
  • Very quick to use
  • Ensures measurement reliability
  • Possibility to set the menu language
  • LCD display
  • Hypoallergenic mouthpieces
  • Polycarbonate housing

Cooperation based on good relationships

You drank - you won't go

Alcohol lock system


The breathalyzer integrated with the ignition is the basis for driver safety, and therefore also for the safety of property, cargo, standard and company image. The system, easy to install and use, prevents dangerous and unfavorable (for companies' finances and policies) road situations that may be caused by a drunk driver. It protects the driver himself against making a mistake and its consequences (starting with the loss of a driving license and a driving ban).

We comprehensively supply and implement alcohol interlock systems in all or selected company vehicles: we invite you to cooperate.