GPS monitoring for taxis

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GPS monitoring for taxis is the basis for an efficiently operating company system, and therefore for a prosperous business. However, by combining the GPS locator with other devices and a vehicle fleet management system, you achieve the highest standard of order processing. Discover the telematics tools from ATROM that will provide full control over routes, enable instant location of cars and drivers, and facilitate trip planning and optimization of orders in terms of their cost-effectiveness. GPS monitoring for taxi drivers is also a valuable source of data on driving efficiency and vehicle operation - it allows you to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs or reduce fixed costs through ongoing monitoring of parameters, driving style and the related fuel consumption.

On GPS monitoring for the taxi industry consists of a GPS recorder and software (with a web or mobile application), and the system can be expanded with additional modules (identifiers, cards, reader, CAN adapter) giving you various advanced functionalities. Taxi companies will especially benefit from:

  • fleet vehicle monitoring,
  • CAN bus reading,
  • driver identification.

On what
are we focusing?

Control of refueling and fuel consumption

Settlement of private/business driving

Email and SMS notifications

Communication with the driver

Route optimization

Control of operational parameters


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