Send data to SENT-GEO with us


Send data to SENT–GEO with us

In connection with the amendment to the regulations on transport monitoring - SENT-GEO, we would like to inform you that our system is fully adapted to providing the SENT-GEO service with current geolocation data necessary to monitor transport recorded in the SENT Register. We are an operator of external ZSL location systems registered on the platform. Our GPS recorders have technical numbers enabling their registration as part of the ZSL service. Autosatnet software allows you to manage vehicles made available in the SENT-GEO system.

Why SENT-GEO from Atrom?

Advantages of SENT-GEO with Atrom

  • 01

    Records of vehicles made available in the SENT-GEO system, technical numbers of GPS devices and SENT business numbers

  • 02

    View of current data sent to the SENT-GEO module from the monitoring level and the SENT-GEO Records

  • 03

    Technical support in registering, viewing and editing GPS devices on the platform

  • 04

    Simple setting of commands for transmitting location data to SENT-GEO

It will allow you to fully use our system

Suggested set of devices


Transport under control

The ATROM system is adapted to provide the SENT-GEO service with current geolocation data necessary to monitor transport recorded in the SENT Register. The basis of the system is the GPS locator and ATROM software. The SENT-BOX panel is an important addition to communication with the driver. It informs about the operation of the system and requires the driver's confirmation in the event of a detected irregularity. It ensures instant reaction during each run. The OLED display ensures readability even in difficult lighting conditions, without blinding the driver. The compact housing allows you to place the panel on any dashboard. SENT-BOX is fully compatible with GPS locators offered by ATROM.

Why SENT-BOX from Atrom?

Advantages of SENT-BOX

  • 01

    Adapted to SENT-GEO requirements

  • 02

    Fully compatible with ATROM GPS locators

  • 03

    Clear OLED display

  • 04

    Compact housing

  • 05

    Intuitive operation

  • 06

    Sound notifications


Technical data of SENT-BOX

Product card
Technical data of SENT-BOX
Specification Value
Graphic display OLED 128 x 64 pixels
Sound alarm Buzzer
RS-485 port with galvanic separator
RS-232 port (3V3)
Alternative power source (3V3)
2 open collector outputs (load capacity 50 mA)
Analog input 0 – 20V
Current protection 5A
Power consumption max 300 mA
Supply voltage 10.5 – 30V
Dimensions 107 x 76 x 28
Material PVC

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