The company fleet of vehicles is like a Swiss watch

GPS monitoring

A complete tool (hardware + software) for controlling your vehicle fleet in real time: from the exact location, through the register of stops and stops, to planning the best routes and calculating travel time.

Monitoring company vehicles is your key to success

A modern GPS system for the company fleet

You watch over drivers and company property, optimize routes: fuel consumption and travel time, plan orders or trips more efficiently thanks to access to data. You increase the company's work efficiency and employee comfort, and you save money and you multiply your profits. And the only thing you need for this is our GPS vehicle monitoring. We will provide you with the hardware and software we have created, along with an intuitive vehicle fleet management program, and we will implement the entire system. Thanks to numerous additions and extensions - such as CAN bus reading and driver identification - you will take even better care of the safety of your team, transport and vehicles.


Advantages of our devices

  • Vehicle location on various maps
  • Route planning based on Google Traffic
  • Travel time calculation
  • Registration of routes traveled
  • Stops
  • Detentions
  • Event records
  • Real-time data transfer
  • Turning the ignition on/off

Cooperation based on good relationships


GPS vehicle monitoring – manage your fleet your way!


We will install devices in vehicles and provide you with Autosatnet or Autosat 3 - that is complex tool to control and manage the company fleet from any computer and tablet or via a practical mobile application. In the basic variant of the system (GPS recorder, software) you get access - in real time - to all the most important data and functions:

  • current location of vehicles on various maps,
  • route planning based on Google Traffic data,
  • travel time calculation,
  • engine start time,
  • records of stops, detentions and road incidents,
  • route history.

We will tailor a reliable vehicle monitoring system (hardware, software) to your needs. For example, if you want to immediately take care of the efficiency, technical condition of your fleet and optimize its consumption, we will propose a combination GPS recorder and CAN adapter. You then receive data on fuel consumption and operating parameters vehicle. If you have small cars in your fleet or you are "equipping" a machine with the system that does not have much free space, we will offer a compact GPS car locator: in a smaller than standard version. Or maybe you need truck monitoring? Then we will recommend a device with a solid and corrosion-resistant aluminum housing, and add practical accessories such as a temperature sensor or a fuel measurement probe.

Vehicle fleet monitoring – invest in the development and profits of your company!

So easy, fast and detailed monitoring of your vehicle fleet will allow you to maintain full control over it and optimize its work - you will save money, but also increase profits by increasing efficiency. This is a simple recipe for reducing fuel consumption and speeding up journeys by choosing the best routes and avoiding traffic jams. Even a few zlotys saved on one trip add up to a large sum on an annual or monthly basis. GPS fleet monitoring also effectively prevents transport problems - delays, breakdowns and downtime, due to constant control over the vehicle, driver and road situation. By investing in a GPS location system, you are investing in the development and profits of your company.

Get ahead of the competition and set a new industry standard using modern GPS fleet monitoring: contact us.

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