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Driver identification

Identification of drivers of a fleet of company vehicles using the DALLAS identifier or RFID card - a new standard of organization, safety and quality of work in the company.

And everything becomes easier!

Quick identification of the driver of a vehicle fleet

An extensive company fleet makes us happy and makes us proud, but the high driver turnover associated with it, on the contrary, causes problems, especially when it is necessary to find a specific employee or vehicle. Therefore, we solved this problem by developing driver identification system, one of the functionalities of GPS car monitoring. The driver receives a DALLAS ID or RFID card and "ID" it by getting into a vehicle that is equipped with a matching reader. The information then ends up in the fleet management system. Driver identification is possible from the Autosatnet or Autosat 3 program, which you can run on any device. We implement the entire driver identification system comprehensively.


Advantages of our devices

  • Driver identification
  • Settlement time
  • Business/private driving
  • Reports

Cooperation based on good relationships

Driver identification in vehicle fleet management


On any computer equipped with a browser and Internet access, you can remotely check who is driving a given vehicle or where a specific employee is at a given moment, and this is the basis for optimizing orders or controlling business trips. System it also records drivers' working time, which greatly facilitates settlements and monitoring the application of regulations and rules.

Driver identification is a basic control tool in logistics or transport companies, but it also works great in any company whose employees travel, because it allows you to separate business and private driving.

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