This means constant communication with the base

ATROM Mobile Office

The most advanced ATROM product - a terminal connecting the driver and the forwarder, the vehicle cabin with the office, quality and safety with the efficiency of each freight.

So far away, yet within reach

ATROM Mobile Office

Even thousands of kilometers separating the driver from the forwarder will not break this tandem - they will not disturb the smoothly functioning mechanism if... you choose good tools. We propose ATROM Mobile Office, i.e connection cabin terminal and Autosatnet or Autosat 3 software with a convenient mobile management application freight. Designed with the needs of drivers in mind, the terminal has constant power supply, a color touch display and backlit buttons. There is also a USB-A port on the front to which you can connect a camera, scanner, portable memory or printer.


Advantages of our devices

  • Text communication with the driver
  • Sending transport orders
  • Online time card
  • Sending the exact route planned by the dispatcher
  • Sygic Navigation
  • File transfer
  • Work status

Cooperation based on good relationships

ATROM Mobile Office tool


Terminal, software and application create a virtual office – complete system for management of freight, its course and quality. This is how forwarders send orders transport and all necessary documents, as well as establish and provide a route plan. From the terminal level, the driver has access to the best maps, time and parameters of his work and the technical condition of the vehicle (tonnage, temperature in the refrigerator, etc.).

The ATROM Mobile Office tool is a simple recipe for easier, faster and much more effective communication between drivers and forwarding employees, which in turn is the basis for efficient, safe and comfortable work that brings results.