Supervise your projects, system will look after your fleet.

Modern GPS system controls operation of heavy equipment and construction machines. We offer an indispensible tool for machines working in extreme conditions and thus require constant monitoring through full control of operating conditions. Engine speed control, precise location of work site and reading of all relevant parameters sent to monitoring system. Collected data allow generation of advanced reports.  It allows verification of refueling and losses of fuel. Our solution is dedicated to companies with all kinds of machine park. It helps with organization of working time, supervision of employee work and reduction of labor costs.

Actual position monitoring

Eliminate illegal operations

Control of refueling and fuel consumption

E-mail and SMS notifications

Reduce trip time

Control of operating parameters

Critical states alarm

Settlement time

Suggested set of devices

To take full advantage of our system

GPS Tracker

GPS 7300 TXD

CAN Adapter


Communication with driver/h4>

Atrom Mobilne Biuro

Fuel measurement probe

Ultrasonic probe